About Me

Cecily pregnant at White Sands, NM.

Cecily Arroyo is a DONA certified doula, certified lactation counselor, and a trained Informed Beginnings childbirth educator and has been doing this work since 2010. She lives in the Pilsen neighborhood on the lower west side of Chicago with her husband, Tim, and their two home schooled daughters, Maya Rain and Mariposa Sol.

After birthing one baby with a heavy dose of medical intervention, and subsequently struggling with breastfeeding, Cecily knew she didn’t want to go through that again. At the time, like many first time moms, she didn’t know what to read or even what questions to ask. She was scared of the unknown and no one offered any quality support or information.  By the time Cecily had her youngest daughter, she’d learned so much that it didn’t occur to her to have anything BUT an unmedicated natural birth. That time, she gave birth unassisted (along with her husband), and soon after became a doula, and then a childbirth educator.

Cecily is a former elementary school teacher and also taught cultural studies courses at the undergraduate level. She has over 17 years teaching and educational administration experience and holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Education with a focus on Policy and Social Justice. All of that passion for education is now directed at educating and supporting parents while they embark on their journeys through pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and beyond.

“I feel it is my work to not only support and comfort the mother during labor, but to also protect the space around she and her partner to give birth the way her body was meant to.” ~Cecily Arroyo