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What the Class Covers

•  The anatomy and physiology of pregnancy

•  Natural methods of pain management

•  Safe and effective comfort techniques

•  Nutrition, exercise, and good health in pregnancy

•  Stages of Labor and Birth

•  Complications and Interventions

•  Breastfeeding

•  Postpartum and newborn care

•  Options in childbirth

•  Optimal fetal positioning

•  The role and needs of the birth partner as well as support skills

•  Informed decision-making

•  Resources and support.

And so much more!

Class Content by Week

Week  1:  Introduction/Exercises/Relaxation

Week  2: Nutrition

Week  3:  Comfort Measures/Coaching/Care Providers

Week  4:  Stages of Labor

Week  5:  Variations and Complications

Week  6:  Postpartum Experience/Newborn Vaccines and Procedures/Pediatrician

Week  7:  Newborn Appearance and Abilities/Birth Plan

Week  8: Breastfeeding

Week  9:  Labor rehearsal


Class Fees

The cost for the class is $350.

For mothers who hire me as their doula, I deduct $100 from either service. (Payment plans can be made available for those who need it)