Hi Cecily, Thank you so much for the recap and all the information you have provided us with. As I left last night, I was feeling a lot more prepared as we begin to navigate the childbirth journey again. I think most importantly your refresher allowed us a space to realize "Oh my goodness! We're really doing this again!" and helped me remember what I needed from myself, from David and from my care team. I think also really being able to acknowledge some of my anxieties aloud last night helped get me into a different mindset. We still have some work to do over the next few weeks, but your refresher helped us take those necessary first steps. David and I both also commented as we drove home how much we enjoyed meeting and working with you. Thank you again!


Alexis and David, parents of 2

My wife and I were connected with Cecily through our midwife group. Her name appeared on their list of recommended childbirth educators and, since she lived nearby, we called her first. As a first-time dad, I was facing a lot of unknowns about the childbirth process. My wife knew she wanted to have a natural, unmedicated birth and I knew I wanted to be involved, but that was it. Neither of us knew what that meant.


Cecily invited us into her home for a 9-week childbirth class. I know... it sounds like a big commitment, but so is being a husband and a dad. She gave us the flexibility of taking the class without committing to her as our doula. I still wasn't completely sure what a doula was. I was skeptical at first and pretty guarded during the first childbirth class. But Cecily completely disarmed me. She was warm, welcoming, kind, and genuinely caring. Plus, she offered us lemonade, watermelon and air-conditioning on hot, Summer evenings. Needless to say, we hired Cecily as our doula. She also became a very close friend.


The most important thing Cecily taught me very early on was that her role (as our doula) was not to replace me. In fact, she was there to equip me as my wife's coach during the childbirth process. That was exactly what I needed. Cecily educated us, provided us numerous resources, and thoroughly discussed each of the decisions we needed to make before and during the birth. While she is passionate about natural childbirth, she helped us see the different sides of each decision and was balanced in her perspective. We really appreciated that and, as a result, we were as prepared as we could have been.


Cecily was with us throughout my wife's labor and our son's birth. She was amazing. In the backseat of the car with my wife on the way to the hospital, by our side while we got checked in to our room, and attentive, calm & confident during the birth. As a direct result, I was able to be an attentive, calm & confident partner to my wife. That would not have been true without Cecily. She continued to care for us after we brought our son home - answering questions, helping with breastfeeding, and just being a supportive friend. She was always a text message away.


We are so grateful for Cecily.


Matt, father of 1


Like any new young mom to be, I had concerns about my baby's health, the process of labor, and what was to come after the baby was born.  Towards the end of my second trimester, I took Cecily's class.  Immediately after one class, I felt a huge amount of relief.  During the course, we went though the journey of pregnancy and menu options of beneficial foods.  We learned about the process of labor, what it would feel like, how I would know when it was time to go to the hospital, ways to relieve pain and discomfort, and questions to ask my midwife when I was at the hospital.

When I went into labor, Cecily was one of the first people I called.  Through the phone, she soothed me through my contractions and helped me take my mind off of the pain.  She got to the hospital as quickly as she could.  During my whole labor, she stood by my side helping me get through every contraction.  In between contractions, she motivated me and mentally prepared me for the next contraction.

After my son was born, Cecily continued to stand by my side and explained to me what would happen next. Such as delivering the placenta, getting stitches, and more importantly, she explained to me what the nurses needed to do to my son before they could hand him to me.  When I finally was able to hold my son for the first time, Cecily helped me learn to breastfeed. While I'm sure she was beyond exhausted, she did not leave until she knew I was ok and my baby was ok.  Still today I go to her with my questions and concerns.  I am so grateful to have had her there and have that beautiful experience with her next to me.  I would definitely would recommend her to any mom to be.

Alyssa, mother of 1

Cecily was a pillar of strength to me during both my children's birth. She instinctively knew what I needed at my first birth, and after that, I chose to have my second baby at home. My home birth was the calmer than I could have imagined... Cecily was completely focused on my needs, fully reminding me that my body would tell me what to do and to trust it.  My labors would not have been the same without Cecily, as she was unlike any partner, parent or doctor.  We were so blessed to have had her: before to prepare, during to be confident in labor, and after to care for myself the best way possible.  Denise Carrasco, mother of 2

Cecily assisted my husband and I during the birth of our first child, and words cannot describe how grateful we are for her presence. She has a calm demeanor, a genuine spirit and radiates positive energy. Cecily made herself available for any questions or concerns regarding my birth plan and breastfeeding. She is very informative, providing resources and literature to aid in answering any questions. I planned to have a natural childbirth. Cecily was patient, supportive and provided comfort during my 30+ hours of labor. I don't know if I could have gotten through it without her. Thank you Cecily! Crystal Smith, mother of 2...and 1/2 :)